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Best of NeoCon 2014 Gold Winners Part 2

It’s week #2 in our tour of NeoCon 2014 Gold winners. This time, we’ll browse a selection of supporting office furniture—those items that fill the spaces between desks. While these don’t get as much attention as cubicles or traditional workstations, they serve an important role. First up are the new storage systems.

File & Mobile Storage Systems from Inscape

File cabinets are some of the most boring pieces of office furniture. Usually, they are so bulky and unwieldy that it’s best to “set them and forget them.” But with ‘Sedus terri tory’, you get the roomy capacity of a full-sized credenza and the mobility of a rolling pedestal—without the wheels. In fact, referring to this collection as a set of filing cabinets is inaccurate. These aren’t dull, gray monstrosities that serve as a grim backdrop for a cubicle farm.

Terri tory is a highly modular system of open storage cubbies, closed boxes, and standard drawers. Each component is linked to the next using a locking mechanism. If it’s time to reconfigure, simply unlock the pieces with the Sedus key and restack them where they are most needed. The system can be used for personal or shared storage, casual seating, space division, and much more. Decorative inserts and attachments complete the aesthetic for a touch of whimsy.

Casegoods by Haworth

Suite is the newest gold winner from Haworth. In a time when open layouts are more and more common, this collection brings work back to ground zero—the private office. Of course, it recognizes that space is still limited even for those who do have the good fortune to be allocated their own space. These casegoods and work tables are designed with space and cost efficiency in mind.

At the same time, the shapes are imaginative, with softened edges and irregular outlines. There’s no clearly defined head or foot of a table when its surface looks like a cross between an egg and a trapezoid. The surfaces throughout the collection can offer unexpected functionality as well, with magnetic backing and glass surfaces that invite collaboration and creativity. In fact, a private office outfitted with Suite will likely become the new gathering spot for all kinds of teamwork.

Visit us next week for more NeoCon 2014 Gold winners!


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