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Best of NeoCon 2014 Editors Choice

The NeoCon 2014 Editors Choice selections are featured here for our final blog post in this series. This is certainly office furniture for the discerning eye. The pieces range from thoughtful to dramatic to whimsical. The only underlying theme this year seems to be the people-centric nature of the furnishings. It’s about more than how things look—it’s how they make you feel.

Architectural Products: Steelcase, Quiet Spaces

These cozy oases are the brainchild of bestselling author Susan Cain (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking). Steelcase took Cain seriously when she made suggestions for serving the needs of introverts in the workplace. The result is a series of five “quiet spaces” that give employees full support for maximum productivity and creativity away from the hubbub in the office. There’s a Studio where they can stretch out and move around, a Mind Share where they can collaborate one-on-one, and a Be Me space that’s all about being completely cozy. Introverts can now do their best, most focused work away from intrusive noise and prying eyes.

Benching: Arper, ZINTA

Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr and Manel Molina come together to deliver a modular sofa system with a deep seat and curving back that invite the body to recline and relax. The sofa can be specified to fit in a small lobby or break room, or in an oversized length to act as an organizing piece for a large scale space such as a lounge. The overall look and feel is sophisticated and definitely European, with a wooden shell for natural tonality and padding or cushions in a variety of bold colors for vivid comfort.

Collaborative Collections: BuzziPicNic

Remember the good times you had as a kid, sitting at a picnic table with family? BuzziSpace seeks to recapture the fond memories of youth and bring coworkers closer together with the office’s first indoor picnic table. With the accompanying benches, it’s the right spot for an informal meeting or a coffee break. It’s also a touchdown area for mobile workers if you supply ergonomic chairs. To make the table more office-friendly, this piece comes with access points for cables and wiring. That’s not something you’ll find at your local park!

This week’s post concludes our series on the winners at NeoCon 2014. We’ve still only scratched the surface, so you can view the entire gallery at Contract online.


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