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Best of NeoCon 2012 Systems Furniture

It’s that NeoCon time of year again! As always one of the most exciting things you can do in advance of the big day is take an online stroll through the entries into the ‘Best of NeoCon’ categories for office furniture. Let’s start with a look at the systems furniture category to see what this year’s contenders have on display. Here are the two that stand out as offering something a little different from the typical cubicle.

Izzy Nemo

The Nemo Bar and Trellis design is definitely the most creative. This is an example of how spaces can be defined with elements we are used to seeing outside the workplace. In this case, a standing-height bar and barstools in what appears to be a pergola or arbor create the atmosphere of a posh wine-tasting party. Coffee is more likely to be the drink of choice in these impromptu collaborative areas. However, the “vibe” of the space may help employees loosen up and let the ideas and discussion flow more freely. The arbor isn’t just for show. It supports power and technology options to make sure workers can stay connected in more ways than one.

Freedom by Surfaceworks

At first glance, this may look like just another honeycomb style work pod – until it starts moving. The Freedom is actually a cluster of adjustable-height workstations. Unlike most of today’s sit to stand tables, these are not just movable rectangles. The 120 degree setup provides much more surface area than a standard table without taking up as much room as a traditional U or L shaped cubicle. The entire space feels open. In keeping with the modern sensibilities of today’s ergonomic offices, Surfaceworks has even come up with a clever tagline for their product: “Freedom is furniture that operates at your level™”


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