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Best of NeoCon 2012 Storage

Storage is one of the less glamorous categories of office furniture, but you can trust NeoCon to bring out some interesting possibilities.

The MyTeu from Egan is much more than a mobile storage unit. It’s actually a workstation accessory that offers impromptu seating and storage along with a whiteboard and charging outlets. Employees can count on being highly mobile in the workplace with this all-in-one design. You can even create an instant collaboration station with the MyTeu.

The other entry in this category isn’t really storage per se. It’s actually a recycling center by Steelcase. The Victor2 makes recycling look upscale with both wood and laminate surface options to match your décor. The name suggests that we can conquer our addiction to the “use it and discard it” culture and start being greener in the workplace. In fact, the Victor2 is the next generation of waste management furniture from Steelcase. The original Victor was a metal lined trash can designed to cut down on the risk of workplace fires back in the days when people still smoked at work.


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