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Best of NeoCon 2012 Office Chairs Part 3

Before we move on to other NeoCon topics, here’s the final post in our series on the Best of NeoCon 2012 office chairs. This is certainly a year we won’t forget when it comes to the variety of seating options on display. Competitors really did manage to “think big” in terms of better ergonomics, futuristic designs, and gorgeous textiles.

RBT from Teknion

The RBT looks like a robotic exoskeleton that might impart super strength to its user. However, all it can really promise is plenty of support, comfort, and flexibility. The back is designed to be highly responsive and dynamic – making it an accessory that will be in demand among users across a broad range of heights and weights. Zooey Chu and Gary Bacon from Synergy Product Development are the designers of Teknion’s latest seating offering. Their chiropractors would be proud!

Flight Swivel Tilt Seating Series from HBF

This Swiss company has a full series of chairs for both task and conference seating. At over $1,000 each, there’s surprisingly little information available about what makes these chairs so high-value. Adjustable lumbar support isn’t exactly cutting edge. We expect that on any task chair. However, these chairs are certainly a cut above the rest visually. The delicate design in snow white is embellished with an aluminum V motif on the back of each chair – like a silver bird in flight. The Flight Series has been likened to an onion with layers of materials that can be stripped off for repair, replacement, or recycling.

The BFF™ from Neutral Posture

There’s no remaining neutral about a chair from a company that gives you this many customization options. You get to pick from 2 different contoured seat designs and 2 different back shapes to ensure your chair exactly matches your body type. Plus, you can pick up to 4 fabrics – on one chair. Imagine the possibilities! Of course, every chair comes standard with 9 different adjustment features. So, you can continue to customize your chair once it arrives. Could this chair be your new BFF?


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