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Best of NeoCon 2012 Office Chairs Part 2

Earlier this month, we explored several entries in NeoCon’s “Best Of” contest in the seating category. Now, here is the next batch of contenders:


This task chair from Riviera boasts a feature you’ve probably never heard of: microclimate management. That’s a fancy way of saying the mesh covering is breathable so the skin on your back won’t get hot and sweaty. The membrane upholstery features air pads that cushion your behind in cloud-like comfort. The body-float synchronous mechanism dips downward and backward at the same time to automatically accommodate a relaxed posture when you lean back. The frothy product description states that the AirPad is the “synthesis of lightness”. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s wait and see whether the judges at NeoCon agree.

F Chair

Does the F stand for Fantastic? Futuristic? Fancy? We’re not sure. But this mid-priced offering from ITOKI Corporation is definitely a little Far-Out. With its narrow shoulders and wide hips, this pear shaped chair won’t be winning any fashion awards for shapeliness. However, the overall design and wishbone support cradle do make a compelling statement from the perspective of stability and support. The gently curving armrests look particularly inviting.


This chair is barely there. German company aeris-Impulsmöbel GmbH & Co.KG brings two stools to the sit/stand table with heights ranging from 20-36”. This makes the product a strong match for all those height adjustable work benches that are the rage at NeoCon this year. The stools have a tilted spring center post to allow the body to angle naturally forward instead of perching awkwardly atop the tiny seat. At the same time, this manufacturer expects users to work a little to stay comfortable. The socket in the base promotes constant, subtle movement that keeps the core muscles activated to support good posture. Like the name suggests, if you want to sit on this stool, you’ve got to “move, Man!”


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