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Best of NeoCon 2012 Office Chairs Part 1

Pull up a seat for our roundup of entries in the “Best of NeoCon 2012” seating category. You’ll see some designs you recognize and a few that are brand new. This will be a three part series since there’s so much to ponder.

Diffrient Smart

Office chairs just got smarter – and simpler at the same time. This newest seating option from the acknowledged chair ergonomics gurus at HumanScale takes mesh to a new level. The seat back features tri-panel construction and form-sensing mesh to cradle the spine. This chair doesn’t have adjustable lumbar support because it doesn’t need it. The same goes for the recline function. The chair is designed for responsiveness that makes the concept of manual customization obsolete. Users can simply sit and start working.

HÅG Capisco Puls

If you watch the hit TV show “Bones”, you recognize a version of the Capisco as the saddle chair used by Dr. Camille Saroyan. But it’s not just people with her diminutive frame who can feel fully supported by this stripped down seating design. The lightweight and flexible frame is intended for the “active” sitters of the new generation of office workers. Fidget to your heart’s content in this chair. It offers a huge number of contact points where you can prop your arms, feet, hips, back, and legs to find just the right position for any task. You may not get as carried away as the guy in this promo video, but you’ll probably be a little more enthusiastic about the Puls than you are about the average office chair.


This task chair is from a company that’s named after the user instructions for its products: SitOnIt Seating. At less than $700, the price point will put this attractive seating option in range for employers who want to satisfy basic ergonomic requirements for their entire workforce. SitOnIt’s reputation for fast order fulfillment will be another plus. The mesh back and upholstered seat are reminiscent of a number of other popular office chair designs, so it remains to be seen what might make this piece stand out from the pack at NeoCon.


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