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Best of NeoCon 2012 Benching

This week, let’s browse the benching section for the up and coming entries in the “Best of NeoCon” contest. Not surprisingly, it’s all about height adjustment this year. We already saw Freedom from Surfaceworks in the systems furniture category, so here’s what the rest of the field looks like:


Direct from JRB Studio comes a height adjustable benching solution that’s as straightforward (and up/down) as it gets. Instead of one long worksurface, individual height-adjustable tables are set end to end and face to face with a dividing spine between. You could also reconfigure these in single file or into a quad table arrangement. Articulated monitor arms provide additional ergonomic adjustment since one size doesn’t fit all even when the worksurface height can be varied.

FORm_office™ S4A

Innovant is catching up with the benching trend and the height-adjustable trend with a little something extra. Their benches are electrically powered for super-easy adjustment. Face it, when workers can push a button to get the ergonomics they need, they’re more likely to actually make the changes needed to get more comfortable. The good looks of this bench are owed to its super-wide base that supports 2 worksurfaces at the same time. The original S4 won the IIDEX silver for Innovation at NeoCon 2010 based on its design and cable/technology management. Will they go all the way to gold this year?

Silea Open Office Benching

These benches from the Gunlocke Company don’t go up and down. Instead, they are firmly rooted in a very traditional “private” office style with lots of wood laminate and casegoods. This firm aims to show that benching doesn’t have to involve a featureless plain of straight lines from one end of the office to another. In fact, the storage options from floor level to head height create a great deal of diversity in the bench landscape even as employees share uninterrupted worksurfaces.


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