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Best Under-Desk Gadgets for Work

What’s tucked away under the desks at your office? Is that space going to waste? Here are several cool under-desk gadgets that take up little room but that can make a big difference in the average workday.

Webble Footrest

The Webble is like a balance board—but not as dangerous. You don’t have to stand on this little beauty. Instead, you just rest your feet on it. It wibbles and wobbles in 4 different ways to give your lower body a gentle workout. You can rock it side to side to rotate your hips and flex your thighs or use a forward and back motion to activate the knees and calves. Up and down is designed to relax your ankles, and a circular motion loosens up your lower back.


This tiny workout machine pairs with your desk chair to create a faux recumbent bike. With such a tiny footprint, this equipment has no flywheel. It’s totally magnetic and can be adjusted for a surprisingly high resistance level. It’s designed to be pedaled forward or backward, and the low center of gravity prevents the unit from rocking side to side during use. The computer display shows time, distance, speed, or calories. Of course, if it’s under the desk, most people won’t be peeking underneath to keep track.

Foot Hammock

Jimmy Buffet would definitely approve of this under-desk footrest (if he had to take a 9-5 office job). It’s designed to work with today’s adjustable, ergonomic office chairs. Set the chair back to tilt and lock at a very relaxed angle, then lean back and put your feet up…under your desk instead of on it. The tiny hammock cradles your ankles and takes the pressure off the backs of your thighs.


This new design from Fitness Cubed, LLC, is a fresh take on the underdesk exercise machine. It’s modeled on an elliptical trainer, but it has a very low profile to keep users from bumping their knees on the underside of the desk. With the Bluetooth integrated mobile app included, office workers can effortlessly track their exercise on a Fitbit while they type or talk on the phone. The company launched a KickStarter campaign to fund production and is already taking preorders. There’s even an 8 pack designed for the office so coworkers don’t get jealous.

What tools do use to keep your legs fit at work? Share your favorite under-desk gadgets in the comments.


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