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Be a Green Giant with Refurbished Steelcase Cubicles

A quick perusal of the Steelcase website will show you that this company takes pride in being eco-responsible. For example, they have actually agreed to purchase the total energy output from a new Texas wind farm for the next 5 years. Another important environmental initiative is their creation of the Green Giant program.

This site offers lots of ideas for being an “eco-hero” on an individual and corporate level. One easy way to get involved is by reusing office furniture. Refurbished Steelcase cubicles are an example of reclaimed products that can make your company greener. This manufacturer promotes refurbishing as the ideal option for items that are durable. Panel systems are a perfect example of furniture that can be easily refinished for an extended life span. It’s also a great way to earn LEED credits for your organization.


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