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Artists and Architects Need to Redesign the Cubicle

People are always griping about how ugly the cubicle is. What a boring design! They stifle creativity! Who would want to work in one? Can you believe some poor sods have to go sit in one of those day after day? Well, we agree that cubicle design, while functional, does often lack imagination. There are exceptions (some of the office furniture greats like Herman Miller have developed quite innovative versions of the cube). But overall, they do kind of all look alike. That’s why we think that some people outside the office furniture industry should take a stab at redesigning the cubicle.

Let’s get some artists and architects like the ones who participated in Iceland’s “Landset High-Voltage Transmission Line Tower Design Competition” involved. If you think that sounds like the most boring design contest ever, you are completely wrong. We challenge you to have your mind expanded by viewing electric pylons in the shape of giant men and women who look like gods bearing the gift of lightning to humanity. Or, feast your eyes on a design that is based on the modern physics concept of superstrings. If these artists and architects can make something as ugly as a utility pole into an inspiring sculpture, we think they could definitely redesign the cubicle if they put their minds to it.


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