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Are Your Panels Being Effectively Used? Cubicle Partitions May Need Tool Rails

It’s not always easy to keep clutter from accumulating on a horizontal work surface. One way around this problem is to make sure that the space on your panels is being properly used. Cubicle partitions don’t have to serve only to divide work spaces. They can also incorporate storage and organization features. One option for fully utilizing vertical space is the Slatwall from Steelcase’s Details collection. This extruded aluminum rail system allows work tools such as letter trays and binder holders to be slotted in place along sturdy metal grooves.

Multiple Slatwalls can be installed in a stacked configuration to provide as much organizational space as needed. Each one can support up to 60 lbs and the system can be field installed. Brackets are available to match the Slatwall with many different cubicle brands. So, even if your workplace is populated with a mixture of used cubicle panels from several manufacturers, you can still add these Steelcase accessories later.


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