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Are You Sourcing Your Office Furniture Strategically?

Do you know what it means to do strategic sourcing? The University of Michigan has a simple two page reference document that may help you understand this concept. We think it makes a lot of sense for any business purchases, including office furniture. For example:

  • Getting input from relevant stakeholders during the sourcing process leads to better decisions than relying on Purchasing to simply pick products in a given price range.
  • Organizations that focus on getting the best office furniture at the best value are also going to get more ROI in productivity because their employees have the environment and tools to do their jobs properly.
  • Leveraging cost-savings such as purchasing locally to cut fuel costs and ensuring a relationship that delivers ongoing support may reduce both up front expenses and Total Cost of Ownership.

You might think you have to be a large organization to implement strategic sourcing, but we think you’ll find that businesses of any size can benefit from buying smarter. You can start with a free office space design consultation with no strings attached from Cubicles Office Environments!


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