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Are You Mad for This Office Desk?

The hit TV series “Mad Men” is coming back for yet another alcohol and cigarette infused season. It’s a great example of how television impacts the fashion and design world. Everything from apparel to furniture is being given a Mad Men spin these days. Some of the styles of the 1960s (like the constricting rubber girdle) are best left in the past. But others, like gorgeous wood office furniture have every right to make a comeback. This includes pieces that were actually around back in the day.

Vintage and Modern is one place to look for desks that aren’t quite antique but definitely “aged”. This mid-century walnut floating shelf desk is like a fine wine (or a shot of bourbon and a cigar at lunch). It’s gotten more beautiful with time. Since the advent of the laptop has opened up a whole slew of new possibilities for desktop shapes and styles, we can probably expect to see more of these 3 dimensional desk setups from new designers in the future.


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