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Are You Board with Your Office Accessories?

This week’s roundup of our “Favorite Things” for the office is all about boards. Write on them, tack stuff on them, add magnets, it’s up to you how you use these handy office accessories. They come in a huge variety of sizes and materials to fit every space and every need. Here’s just some of the stuff you can do with the right products:

  • Pass important messages on to your employees
  • Encourage workers to communicate with each other and enhance your corporate culture
  • Brainstorm to let ideas flow freely using text and visuals
  • Add a “hands-on” touch to a meeting
  • Encourage audience participation in a presentation
  • Document ideas for future use
  • Keep track of events, dates and times
  • Provide a space for note-taking or doodling to boost organization and creativity, respectively

Start at page 284 in our online catalogue to find all the products listed below.

Where the Rubber Meets the Board

The Rubber-Tak tackboard is a whole different animal than the corkboards you are used to. It is highly durable, wont crumble and won’t show pin holes. It is resistant to bacteria, stains and fading. This eco-friendly option is made of 21% recycled content for a greener, yet blacker tackboard. It comes with a whopping 50 year warranty!

Whiteboards That Are Out of Sight!

That’s an excellent description for whiteboards that come concealed in their own wood cabinet. These high quality marker boards from Quartet won’t “ghost”, stain, dent or scratch. Choose oak or mahogany finish to camouflage this board even more. Add a little cloak and dagger to the workplace by using this hidden whiteboard to pass messages back and forth with other employees…

Erased but Not Forgotten

This futuristic electronic copyboard from PLUS is one of our favorites. When your team makes notes, diagrams and drawings during a meeting, they can save what’s written on the board to a USB or send it directly to a network printer. Your meeting participants don’t have to take their own notes because you have everything up on the board! You’ll be amazed at the affordability of this state-of-the art equipment. Choose 1,2, or 4 writing surfaces – or even a board with a projecting screen built in.


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