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Are Used Cubicles the Right Choice for a New Office?


The cubicle has a history – invented in 1967 as an alternative to open office floor plans that afforded little or no privacy, the cubicle was a godsend to companies that didn’t have funding or space to build individual offices in their allowed square footage.

As times have changed, the workers who depend on cubicles have seen their needs change as well. This is the age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device); of phones, computers, printers and technology that was only dreamed of before. Call centers, analyst firms, data entry centers and other businesses have sprung up to support larger industries such as health care, finance and logistics.

Used cubicles can be the perfect solution for a small business trying to outfit a space without completely blowing through investor funding in the first week. Older cubicles may not have all the amenities, but the right company can offer refurbished options that are customized to fit your needs.

The 1967 cubicle worker depended mostly on paperwork, with a typewriter being the most high tech device in the office. However, word processors came along quickly, followed by the first Xerox machines, printer and desktops – and access to electrical outlets along with cord control started to become a priority.

Today, a cubicle is expected to have a way to handle the multiple cords that go along with burgeoning technology. Like USB ports on a laptop, it’s all about access and convenience.  This is mirrored by the lessening of a need for storage space and a higher demand for leg and elbow room. Today’s cubicles are often more streamlined; deeper and wider than units of days gone by, with clearance underneath instead of filing space.

Ergonomics is also a concern. Used cubicles combined with new chairs means you have to carefully measure and ensure the separate items match up as far as height and a comfortable fit are concerned. Ergonomic features such as keyboard holders are also an important factor, and monitor height / distance should be taken into account to prevent eyestrain and neck cramps.

Refurbished cubicles can be a welcome savings point – just make sure you are investing in something that will work long term for your employees and yourself!


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