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Are Office Desks Becoming Simpler?

According to one Wall Street Journal article, office furniture in the Bay Area is undergoing a radical metamorphosis. Gone are the days of the ornate wood executive desk. Even modern workstations with storage capacity, tool rails, and other accessories are on the way out. In today’s tech office culture, employers and employees are reinventing what it means to work at a desk. Table style desks are apparently all the rage. Some are stripped down but highly ergonomic like the sit-to-stand desks that were so popular at NeoCon this year. Others are more mundane – simple plywood bench style worksurfaces that cost a fraction of the price of a traditional office desk.

Do you see this trend catching on at your workplace? Do you care what your desk looks like as long as it serves its intended purpose? What’s the cheapest desk you could buy that would still be sturdy and functional? Would you consider making your own desks, or would purchasing used office furniture actually be the simplest solution? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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