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Another Workstation Enhancer from Teknion

The “Behind-You” screen we blogged about recently is just one of Teknion’s new series of Workstation Enhancers. The office supply manufacturer is determined to make the cubicle experience enjoyable by providing more and more ways for employees to customize theirs. The Podium is one of the latest additions to the “Complements” collection. This desk organizer is a far cry from the cheap plastic inboxes and pencil cups most of us are used to. It’s an organizing system that makes the most of the worksurface by building out desktop storage in a way that doesn’t interfere with other activities. The Podium features an adjustable tiered shelving unit to organize documents. There’s a small, lockable storage compartment that can hold an employee’s wallet, keys, and smartphone. Power management is integrated into the organizer for additional convenience. Based on Teknion’s “ergonomic zones” concept, Podium could be used in either your secondary (arm’s reach) or reference (lean or roll and reach) zone.


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