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Another High Five for Steelcase at NeoCon 2013

NeoCon 2013 saw a repeat performance from Steelcase, as the office furniture manufacturer took home another five awards (the same number as last year). However, the company has stepped up its game, winning gold in no less than four categories – plus an innovation award. Steelcase designers have apparently been doing nothing but sitting around thinking up brilliant ideas for the last 12 months, because most of the awards were for seating. The Gesture, which we’ve blogged about before, was the top pick for ergonomic task seating. Here’s a quick look at some of the other seating products that earned Steelcase a spot in the winner’s circle.

Buoy Howdy!

The Buoy earned an innovation award in the guest seating category. This cute little cushion-topped stool from the Turnstone collection is designed to let sitters bob and sway. Unlike other ottoman style seats, this one can be adjusted for height. It also has a nifty little handle so you can drag it from one spot to the next. This means visitors can choose where to drop anchor in the workspace.

Create Lagunitas Oasis

Lagunitas (little lakes) from the Coalesse collection earned gold for seating benches. These metal mesh benches have upholstered tops for comfort. They include chunky wedge pillows that can be set upright or horizontal to support alert or relaxed postures. These benches aren’t intended just for use in hospitality industries or lobbies. They serve as a “third place” to work within a traditional office environment. The benches can be clustered together for casual collaboration or separated with low or high screens to create little private islands.

Nurture the Customer

Regard (from the Nurture collection) earned gold for healthcare lounge seating at NeoCon 2013. This line was actually unveiled last year, but is continuing to earn accolades. These sofas aren’t just easy on the eyes and easy to keep clean. They incorporate little details like power outlets so the connected “ePatient” can charge up their mobile device while they wait to see a doctor or visit a loved one. This lounge seating provides an option to add dividers along the back of the seat to create a more private experience in healthcare settings.


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