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Anatomy Of A Cubicle Partition

cubicle partitionHave you ever cut a cubicle partition in half to see what the interior looks like? OK, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good cubicle on that experiment. Fortunately, the folks at Haworth have an image of a cutaway panel on page 12 of their UniGroup brochure. This allows customers see its internal anatomy including a description of the construction and materials used. Here’s an overview of the various features of these high-quality cubicles:

  1. A heavy duty steel frame and perforated side panels serves as the framework and support structure of these monocoque constructed partitions.
  2. A honeycomb core dissipates audible vibrations based on the Helmholtz principle of sound management. The intricate interior is engineered to provide reactive/reflective noise reduction by dissipating sound.
  3. Fiber batting is covered with the surface fabric of the customer’s choice. The fabric can be changed out easily at any time without deconstructing the cubicles or returning them to the manufacturer.


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