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An Indestructible Call Center Cubicle?

We all know that the average call center cubicle gets a lot of use. In many companies, sixteen or even full twenty four hour usage per day isn’t uncommon. EQA (Easy, Quick, Affordable) Office Furniture is marketing a new series of telemarketing cubicles as practically “indestructible”. They’ve designed the panels and workstations with metal and wood laminate tiles. This eliminates the issue of fabric wear and staining that can make high-use cubicles look old before their time.

Apparently, people don’t stop writing on their desks when they graduate from grade school. One of the benefits touted by EQA is that the hard surfaces featured in the Segment line are ink resistant. This limits the damage from employee graffiti. The fact that no fabric is used does make it simpler to wipe down and disinfect surfaces. However, this systems furniture has only a 5 year warranty. That’s not the longest or most comprehensive warranty by a long shot. So, time will tell how indestructible these cubicles really are.


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