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Alternatives to a Treadmill Desk

Arnold’s Office Furniture has put together another great roundup post. This time, the topic is products that can turn your cubicle into a fitness center. I blogged about the Sit-to-Walkstation treadmill desk back in 2010. It hasn’t become a fixture in very many offices – and the steep price tag is probably one big reason. But sjennings has located a couple of alternatives that are much more cost-effective. One is the Stamina Elliptical Trainer. It costs less than $100. This tiny training device can be used during breaks or at an adjustable height worktable. Plus, since it’s readily portable (less than 30 pounds), it can be shared between workers throughout the day. That way, it could pay for itself in a very short period of time. To see more fitness options (including a cycle that you can use while seated, read the full post over at Arnold’s.


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