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Allsteel Cubicles Light Up With LINK

Allsteel cubicles now enjoy a new level of brightness with the energy efficient LINK lighting unit. The ring of LED bulbs in this futuristic-looking lamp offer a higher light output than comparable fluorescent products. The whole lamp remains cool enough to touch no matter how long it is operated (and with a 20,000 hour lifespan that could be a good long time). This makes it easy for users to take advantage of the articulated design. They can grab the ring of bulbs like a handle and angle the light as needed for optimal illumination of any portion of their workstation.

The LINK lamp can be outfitted with a stable L shaped base, a clamp, or a tool rail attachment depending on which installation method will take up the least amount space in a given situation. The slim profile of the lamp itself is designed to be unobtrusive – and cost effective from a materials standpoint. Probably the coolest feature of LINK is that it has no internal wiring. The energy to light the LED lamps is delivered through the conductive aluminum skin. This means there is no cord inside the lamp to get twisted, crimped, or damaged as the articulating arm is manipulated.


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