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Allsteel Cubicles: Align Yourself Now

6 K_align_material3_heroThe Align series of Allsteel cubicles offer you the opportunity to “align” the look of your workspaces with the rest of your office environment. That’s because this collection has the kind of aesthetic appeal you would be happy to display everywhere from your reception area to your executive offices. Align furnishings are available for each of these areas so you can achieve a seamless look.

That’s an important step in your internal branding process. Treating your employees to the same quality of interior design as you afford your clients and top management sends a message that you value your human resources. Having the opportunity to enjoy the “finer things” of office life can make a big difference in employee attitudes.

Fine Detailing

There’s just something about the warm earth tones, natural wood grains, and finely crafted details of this line that make it soothing and appealing. Veneer tiles are trimmed and bonded carefully so that no additional bottom edging is required. These Allsteel cubicles can also be finished in a custom 1/8” laminate of your choice. This means you have the option of integrating them into an existing color scheme.

Lots of Panel Tile Choices

Breaking up the workspace with different panel heights is simple with the award winning Align design. It offers tiles in 8” increments. This allows you to create a “landscape” of varying cube structures that meet work assignment requirements and worker preferences. Power/data portals are accessible along the bottom of each tile or at desk level. They can also be inserted higher on the panel at any of the 8” marks.

Another nice aspect of the panels is the utility of their features. You can mix and match decorative tiles with tool pieces. Outfit the interior of your Allsteel cubicles with dry erase tiles, tackable surfaces, or panes of glass. There is even a pass-through tile that allows employees to transfer physical documents and files between cubes.


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