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Allsteel Cubicle Options: Concensys

There’s one thing you can always count on when you buy an Allsteel cubicle – it will feature all metal, sturdily welded construction and come with a lifetime warranty. The Concensys collection, an entry level panel system, is no exception. Allsteel advertises this product for the budget and space conscious employer. This panel system has a thin profile which shaves inches off the square footage for each workstation. It also reduces the cost of raw materials (steel can be expensive).

Each panel is fully assembled prior to shipping. This makes installation easy for the end user. With the Quick Ship option, these Allsteel cubicles can be delivered within days of order placement. You can add components at any time since newly designed options will retrofit to your existing Concensys workstations.

Helpful Features and Benefits

These panels are designed as monolithic units to reduce the number of items customers have to buy and track. To make inventory even simpler, each piece can be bar-coded for future reference. Finishes and fabrics can be selected from a wide range of choices to make these standard workstations fit into your unique business environment. Panels are available in widths from 18-60” so you can plan in 6” increments. They stack up to 108” high and include glass panel options for a more open feel.

Multiple Storage Options

This collection can integrate with other Allsteel lines such as Reach, a fully functional storage system that doubles as a space division concept. Essentials and Persona are other collections that interface seamlessly with Concensys. You can incorporate personal towers, pedestals, and overhead cabinets.  Or, you might select mobile storage products that allow you to relocate files at a moment’s notice. This is a useful option in collaborative workspaces. Moving a storage unit out of the way opens up space to accommodate an extra team member during a special project.

Electrical and Data Capabilities

An Allsteel cubicle wouldn’t be complete without state-of-the-art data and power access. The Concensys line provides base and desktop routing for cables. You can choose the Flexconnect option for adaptability and reliability in electrical delivery to your workstations. You can also include the AMP NETCONNECT consolidation boxes to distribute wiring to each zone in your office environment. This system can be readily reconfigured and increases the adaptability of your workstations as your company grows.


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