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AIS Systems Furniture – From A to Z

16ao2AIS systems furniture options are noted for their simplicity, flexibility, and budget conscious style. This doesn’t keep the manufacturer from relying on high quality materials and sturdy construction methods. Many of the company’s components carry a lifetime warranty. Here’s an overview of a few of the top selections from AIS.


This second generation Action Office collection provides steel framed panels with a 2” honeycomb core. These are available in 3 different heights and twice that many widths; so you can create workspaces of any size. In addition to standards tackable surfaces, panels can be ordered with fabric laid over a hard substrate or with added acoustic control. Cubicle walls can also feature full, half, or quarter panes of glass for varying levels of privacy or openness.

The AO2 tool rails and shelving make it easy for employees to organize materials on their work surfaces. Pedestal filing cabinets with loop pull handles provide under-desk storage space. Flipper door bins can also be added above the workstation for extra capacity. These can be fabric covered or laminated to match the panels or desktop respectively. Need a full AIS systems furniture package delivered ASAP to get your office up and running? This manufacturer offers a 5-day expediting option on request.


16mwallThe M Wall design features heavy duty steel frames/raceways and metal-to-metal connections. Powder coated finishes are used for this AIS systems furniture collection adding a layer of protection to these highly durable components. 10 working-day shipping is included at no extra charge for as many as 300 workstations in a single order.

Panels come in ten styles and can be finished in any of 400+ fabrics to suit the surrounding office environment. Work surfaces are available in 3 dozen shapes including wrap-around desks that extend stations around the edges of the panel frames. Whiteboards in 12 different sizes can be readily installed in MWall cubicle interiors. Keyboard trays improve workstation ergonomics for data-entry intensive tasks.


Wire management at beltway height is provided by the ZPanel system (which is fully compatible with MWall). This raceway cavity runs the width of the panel and is open at the edges of each section for cable continuity. Dual power is made accessible at desk height or at floor level – it’s your choice. Corner post fillers can be added to cover exposed wires. This allows power and data management to blend seamlessly with the surrounding trim on your AIS systems furniture.


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