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AIS Cubicle Finishes

28 Panel FabricAIS has recently added a new section to their website. Now, you can view AIS cubicle finishes in their online gallery. This makes it easy to select veneers, paint, and fabric surfacing options for your panel systems. Here’s a brief overview of what’s on offer from this manufacturer:

Panel Fabrics

This fabric collection is comprised of options from the AIS MORE line as well as Guilford and DesignTex. The AIS selections are limited to earth toned fabrics in soft grays, blues, greens, and browns. These are beautifully patterned in woven and tapestry styles. DesignTex offers a similar range of colors but has the advantage of using 100% recycled polyester for its products.

Guilford also uses recycled content and provides a much wider variety of colors. Vivid options like Poppy, Sunshine, and Cobalt are available in this textile manufacturer’s Anchorage collection. Other fabrics such as those in the Birdseye category are advertised as cleanable with gentle solvents and water-based cleaning agents. Using this type of textile ensures that you can keep your AIS cubicles looking newer for longer.

28 Fabric SamplePaints

AIS paint finishes come in standard and special varieties. Colors range from metallic silver and champagne to black, white, tan, and gray. These provide an excellent array of choices to offset any fabric selection. Not all paint finishes can be applied to all products (for example, some can be used on bases but not panels). The paints vary between grade A and grade B depending on the color and application.


28 Cherry VeneerFor an upgraded look, try an AIS cubicle with a wood veneer finish. These veneers can be supplied in open or closed pore versions. Stains come in 4 different varieties. Maple is the lightest and is a very pale honey blond. Cherry has a rich red/brown tone while mahogany is a deep burgundy brown. Walnut is the deepest color and would probably be overpowering for a full panel. However, it could be used as a classic, subdued accent mixed with bright fabrics.

Verify Appearance Prior to Purchase!

As with any online finish collection, the colors may look different on your computer monitor than they do in real life. AIS recommends that you call their 800 number to obtain a sample before making a final decision. For some of these finishes (such as Guilford textiles), you have to contact the third party supplier to get swatches.


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