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Accordion Wall Cubicles The Wave Of The Future?

If you enjoy office design innovation that’s based on really simple ideas, you’ll enjoy this post on expandable partitions at UK blog CH Workspace. The company is making good use of these sturdy, accordion style walls to create rapidly reconfigurable office environments. The honeycomb design of the panels makes them resistant to crushing and the polyethylene material is unlikely to tear or stain.

Each panel is outfitted with magnets at both ends. This means an unlimited number of partitions can be connected to create a giant caterpillar-like wall. Cubicles (or collaborative workspaces) could conceivably be created using these versatile and highly flexible dividers. For example, the wall could be set up in a gently curving, repeating S shape. The higher the number of curves, the more structural stability the wall has. A desk could be nestled within each curve to create a series of semi-private workstations. Sure, it’s not a traditional cubicle concept; but it might be just the thing for a training environment that needs to be rearranged frequently.


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