Our Business Promise

Promise #1We get the job done on time and on budget. We are not afraid to do whatever it takes to get your project finished quickly and efficiently. We work night and day to make sure you get the best quality cubicles and office furniture for a price you can afford.

Promise #2We offer a full service solution. From your initial appointment through the design, installation and maintenance, we guide you through a clearly defined and fully streamlined purchasing process. Get one-on-one consultation every step of the way and never be left in the dark.

Promise #3We give you the individual attention you deserve. As a local business serving local clients, we take the time to truly understand our clients needs. Make key decisions only after getting all the information, options and individually-tailored expert advice you need.

Promise #4We give you choices. You know what works for your office and we give you all the tools, information and options to create your perfect space. We offer new, used and refurbished cubicles, customizable styles, colors and materials. Our extensive cubicle and furniture catalogue gives you the flexibility to mix and match until you get the perfect combination.

Promise #5We lay out a clearly defined step-by-step process. We leverage the full power of our expertise to guide you smoothly through the entire design process. An initial consultation helps us assess your needs and create your free comprehensive space plan. Then we stay with you every step of the way as your design is refined, finalized, built, installed and maintained into the future.