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About Office Furniture Leasing

office furniture leasingOffice furniture leasing is an option that makes a lot of sense to some business owners. The ideal candidates for this arrangement often fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • They are a small business with little working capital or credit to invest in a bulk furniture purchase
  • They prefer to have a fixed monthly operating cost (note: equipment leasing payments are often tax deductible).
  • They are setting up a new office and need immediate setup with no wait time for furniture to be manufactured and shipped.
  • They are in a temporary office space and may be moving soon so they want to avoid having to pack up and ship office furniture to their next location.
  • They are unsure which type of workstations will best suit their needs and want to try one or more brands in a real life setting before making a final decision on a permanent purchase.

Should You Rent Fully Furnished Offices?

There are two ways to go about leasing office furniture. One is to lease office space that comes fully furnished. This is simple since you don’t have to specify any components or wait for delivery and installation. However, it does not allow you to select the cubicles and other items that you really want. You are pretty much stuck with whatever is in the space already. With items that have been used by multiple companies in the past, there may be dirt, wear and tear, or malfunctioning pieces to deal with.

Your other option is to rent equipment from an office furniture supply company separately from the leasing of your office space. In these cases, you can select from a broader range of office cubicles for rent that are included in the supplier’s leasing program. You can also choose between new and used furniture in many cases – giving you further control over your costs.

Having choices is always a good thing in a leasing negotiation. Look for a company that will allow you to select the term of your loan and the option of renting to own. This ensures that you can make a true comparison between the advantages of paying in full up front or using a payment plan.


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