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A New Office Chair Base Design

Why is the 5 star base pretty much the only type of base you see on a modern task chair? Sure, it’s a stable design that supports the user from tipping over no matter which way the lean; but is it really the only possible base design? Can you put casters on a chair with a different number of “legs”? Designer Colin Bloemendaal from Grand Rapids, Michigan proves that you can.

The Suspension Office Chair asks you to suspend your expectations about what an office chair should look like. It has 4 legs instead of 5. However, the legs are not spaced to point at the four corners of the compass. Instead, they form a shape more like the Greek symbol Pi. The two front wheels are large while the rear, trailing wheels are smaller. This gives the chair the appearance of an old-fashioned Penny-farthing high wheeler bicycle. Wouldn’t you like to take this one for a spin around the office?


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