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A Different Kind of Office Cubicle Design

The coolest artists and architects always seem to be the ones who can take everyday objects and materials and help you see them in a new light. Francesca Bonesio and Nicolas Guirad do just that with their 37.2 collection. Here’s a “production cube” or cube office that is made entirely of steel and plywood. The wood is applied layer upon layer in a meta version of the method used to create plywood in the first place.

The name of the design “Le Petit Oiseau Va Sortir” adds a final layer of complexity. It translates roughly as “The Small Bird will Leave”. Anyone who has ever felt cooped up or caged in an office or cubicle can probably resonate with that sentiment. The artists claim their purpose is to stimulate the imagination rather than shaping it with this micro-architecture. This piece certainly provides food for thought. Share yours in the comments!


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