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7 Things Every Office Needs

Creating a space where your staff and visitors can feel comfortable, confident and engaged is one of the most important things a business needs to consider. It’s great having plenty of room but if you are not using it effectively and maximizing potential you could be losing out on a number of levels.

  • Are your staff too cramped or too spaced out?
  • Do they have the equipment they need to do their jobs properly?
  • How does the office look to potential customers who walk through the front door?
  • Does your office space have the kind of x-factor that is designed to impress?

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered honestly if you are looking to make the most of your office space. Whilst a lot is made of the technology that we now use in our offices, from desktop PCs and smartphones to all singing and dancing multi-function printers, a workplace environment that makes a difference to the way you think and feel is just as important.

1. Office desks that fit

The humble desk is one of the more important parts of any office environment but is quite often the most neglected when it comes to choice. Inexperienced managers can get things wrong by ordering a series of uniform desks based solely on the number of people who need them.

Modern desks are available in a broad range of designs nowadays and it might be better for releasing up valuable space and getting the office you deserve if you take time to explore all the options. Tables don’t have to be square or rectangular. They can be round, hexagonal, triangular or even jigsaw shaped.

You also need to take into account the working practices of your staff. If you want to introduce a more vibrant atmosphere there is the option to select some standing desks which are designed to give employees a gentle work out rather than being slouched in a chair all day. Giving your staff different options in the way they work is a great way to foster employee engagement.

Another thing to consider is whether your staff need drawers and cupboards or would simply prefer a basic desk design. Getting a different point of view from your employees and then shopping around can ensure you have more chance to come up with the right desks for your needs. You might just discover those interesting ideas and designs that help you save on valuable space.

2. Chairs that support

Buying low cost chairs for your staff can seem like a great way to save on your furniture budget but it can also backfire. An uncomfortable or unsupportive office chair could make an employee get up more often and, over a long period, cause them postural damage that might lead to time off work.

Lower cost office chairs generally don’t last as long and most professionals consider them a false economy. Paying a little more and getting chairs that provide good support is the better way to go if you want a suitable return on investment for your office furniture.

3. Cabinets and cupboards that save space

No office furniture provision would be complete without the cabinets and cupboards in which to store those important documents, printer consumables and odds and ends you may need at some time during the working week. There are, however, more ingenious storage possibilities available to anyone looking to arrange the office furniture creatively. From slim cupboards to cabinets that open on several sides, you can generally find any size cabinet or cupboard to fit the right space and give you more room and a better sense of organization.

4. Cubicles that give you privacy

While open plans are ever more popular, the majority of employees prefer some kind of cover whilst they are working at their desk. This can come from desktop privacy screens or floor screens that separate different sections of the office. The great thing about cubicles is that you can use them to redesign and define your office space, making it look more professional to visiting customers and business associates.

5. Reception furniture that creates an impression

One of the places where most businesses like to create an impression is the reception area. Whether you have clients visiting for an update or someone attending an interview, it is a good idea to make your reception as attractive, business-like and as welcoming as possible. You can make it look more efficient with a suitable desk for the receptionist, by placing attractive artwork on the walls and adding a few easy to manage plants. Don’t forget to install seating that is slightly more luxurious than perhaps the rest of your office.

6 Bookcases for easy access

Most industries have their manuals and documentation that need to be easily accessed. Putting in a bookcase means that you have one certain place where people can go for the information they require. From small two or three shelf bookcases to ones that can be fixed across a whole wall, a strategically placed amount of shelving will make an attractive and useful addition to the office.

7 Breakout furniture for those moments of relaxation

Most businesses nowadays, if they can afford the space, have somewhere staff go and relax whilst they are not working. This is often a kitchen area where people congregate, eat their lunches, have a coffee or head for a quiet chat. Installing some furniture in this space that is both comfortable and inviting makes employees feel they are appreciated. Choosing the right breakout furniture can help nurture staff relationships and forge a much happier workplace.

Getting the right furniture for your office can be a nightmare if you don’t have a plan. Often businesses just add pieces here and there as they go along which means that the office doesn’t have much of an identity and sometimes no real structure at all. Rather than moving straight ahead with your refurbishment and ordering without thought, it is important to sit back and consider all the options first.

Making the right choices will make a big difference to the way your staff and clients feel and even how your business operates. A little thought and a bit of consultation can help put together an office furnishing strategy that counts and will benefit everyone for several years to come.


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