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4 Fun Cubicle Apps to Complete Your Week

At Cubicles Office Environments, we know that employees need to relax once in a while (preferably on their actual break). So, in honor of Friday, we’ve put together a list of the top four cubicle themed apps!

Cubicle by Keeno

This is a classic building game, making a cubicle with blocks in different colors falling at progressively faster rates of speed. We’re just wondering why the cube design looks like an igloo…

Crush the Cubicle

This app uses “augmented reality” to allow you to throw virtual spitballs at your most annoying coworkers. Don’t worry, it’s more sanitary than it sounds.

Cubicle Calorie Counter

This sardonic app helps you track the number of calories you burn at work. Activities you can select to track range from web surfing to break time speed walking.

Cubicle Golf

In this game, the golf club is your finger, the ball is a seated office worker, and the hole is a cubicle (which may represent a promotion). Don’t bogey it or the boss might take your phone away!


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