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3 Signs You Need New Office Furniture

At Cubicles Office Environments, we encourage customers to get the most out of their office furniture. We have a great deal of respect for the amount of use left in furniture that many companies are simply ready to chuck out with the trash. We regularly refurbish used items to restore great looks and excellent function. But there are some times when you really do need to bite the bullet and buy some new office furniture. Here are 3 warning signs to watch out for:

#1 You have gray cubicle panels – but they were blue when you bought them.

OK, so maybe the change isn’t that dramatic. However, color changes are an indication of serious fading and degeneration of the fabric as well as dirt/dust accumulation. If cleaning the panels (according to the manufacturer’s instructions) doesn’t make them look presentable, it’s time to replace or refurbish them.

#2 Your chair doesn’t have the moves like it did back in the day.

You’ve forgotten what the term “adjustable” means since you blew out the hydraulic lift column. Plus, one of the casters has been stuck for years. You’re resigned to sitting with your knees up by your ears and scraping your chair across the floor instead of rolling it.

#3 You’re just grateful your desk is gun metal gray.

That way, it matches the duct tape you’re using to hold it together. There’s a funny smell wafting from one of the drawers. You’re pretty sure it’s caused by half a sandwich you stored in there before the drawer got permanently stuck. Surely the ants have finished that off by now?

If any of these scenarios sounds even remotely familiar, you have a code blue situation requiring immediate attention. Contact us for a free space planning consultation and we can help suggest ways to breathe life back into your office.


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