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3 Innovative Ideas for Ways to Fit Out Your Office Space

This week, we have another guest post from a UK writer – Helen Wallis. This article targets those pesky problems that crop up when you are deciding how to make your office space liveable.

When you picture an office in your head, do you imagine a dull room full of untidy desks that are crammed too close together? This picture doesn’t have to be your reality. The way in which you fit out your office space can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the room. In turn, this affects your outlook and how you feel.

Lots of people spend the majority of their day in the office as their place of work, so it’s important that it is a welcoming and comfortable place to be. Perhaps you’re looking to fit out an office in your home or you’ve just invested in office space for your business and aren’t quite sure how to go about furnishing it. This quick guide will give you three innovative ideas that can make a huge difference.

Choose Unusually Shaped Furniture

One of the common obstacles that people face when it comes to furnishing an office space is the shape of the room. This obviously has an effect on how much furniture you can fit in. Some space may go to waste because people don’t think outside of the traditional rectangular desk and standard storage credenza.

One of the easiest ways to overcome this problem is by considering unusually shaped furniture. There are desks and different types of storage available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Whatever type of room you have, you will be able to find something which fits your dimensions.

Curved desks are particularly popular in home-based offices that have a bay window or other curved recess. You can also get desks that fit together like jigsaw pieces. These are very beneficial for larger offices, as they utilize the available space, creating room for more staff.

Add Splashes of Colour

Adding vibrant colour when fitting out your office space is a great way to brighten up the room and promote a happier working environment. Dull, blandly decorated offices aren’t the most welcoming places to work. If you might be inviting customers in too, then it’s really not ideal as a representation of your business.

Adding colourful accessories won’t take over the room, but will subtly have a cheering effect. Items such as different coloured task chairs are a great way to add colour. You could also add other bright accessories such as clocks, plant pots or pictures on the wall. You might be surprised at how much of an impact something as simple as this can have on the overall workplace culture and relationships among the staff.

Optimize Storage

Another innovative idea for fitting out your office space is to maximise the space for storage. As well as having unusually shaped furniture, the storage that you use can also be quite creative in where it is, and what shape it takes.

Typically, you might expect an office to have filing cabinets and desk drawers where people can store their papers and other office paraphernalia. However, there is usually much more wasted space available that could easily be used for storage to help keep desks tidy.

Adding shelves to the walls can make a huge difference, and baskets are also great for storing office equipment. This is particularly useful in larger offices where people may need to share the supplies, as baskets are easily moveable. Mobile storage pedestals with padded tops that can double as occasional seating are also very useful.


Whatever kind of office you are fitting out, these ideas are a great way to make the most of the available space. Hopefully, this guide will help you and your staff enjoy the work area every day.

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