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3 Inexpensive Ways to Brand Your Office

Are you a startup business owner? Have you hired a few employees and leased your first office space? You know that branding your office is important for making your workers feel like part of your company’s team. Here are 3 cost effective ways to brand the workspace without going overboard:

  • Distribute useful, high quality items featuring your company logo. These should be things your workers can use every day at the office or on the go. Spill resistant thermoses and insulated cooler bags are always popular. For bonus points, fill these containers with something delicious before handing them out.
  • Purchase equipment and furniture in your company colors. Most decent office chairs and workstations come in a variety of upholstery or laminate finishes. To save money while still ensuring quality, have a local dealer refurbish used office furniture in the colors of your choice.
  • Until it’s time to purchase expensive, permanent signage, use decals on walls and windows. Check shops on sites like Etsy for artists who charge a reasonable fee for custom work. The plus side of going with decals is that you can easily install and remove them yourself – an important consideration if you haven’t signed a long term lease.


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