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3 Great Plants to Keep On Your Desk

aloe vera desk plant

If you spend eight hours a day in the office, adding a plant to your workspace can help add a festive splash of color to your desk. Now that’s it’s officially spring, you’ll have access to plenty of plants. But what plants are good for the office? Obviously, you don’t want anything too messy — no one wants to clean up soil or dry leaves on a daily basis. Your office plants should also be low maintenance, with minimal pruning and watering.


Keepings plants in the office add a splash of color to your workspace and can even help filter the air. The following three plants are durable and long lasting. As long as they have some light and water, these plants should survive even the least talented gardener.


1. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera plants have been popular office plants for years and not without reason. Aloe only needs sunlight and a little bit of water to survive. It thrives best in typical room-temperature environment, but it’s a very hardy plant overall. Aloe plants are good for people who are near windows, since they do need a bit of sunlight.


The best part about aloe vera is its practical use. The plant contains a gel that is good for moisturizing dry skin — which, if you have sensitive skin like me, is always a nice bonus. You can also apply the gel on burns and soothe the skin. Aloe plants occasionally sprout aloe babies, which you can either keep in the same pot or give to a co-worker for his or her desk.


2. Jade


Jade plants are durable and can last for many years. Jade plants are known for their plump green leaves and unique look. The plant does not need a lot of water, which makes caring for it an easy task. Additionally, it doesn’t require much light — perfect for a desk that does not have access to a window. Since the plant has thicker stems, the leaves won’t drape over the pot’s side and take over your desk.


Jade does grow slowly, so don’t expect it to shoot up overnight. However, because it grows at a slower rate, it can last a long time. Unlike your office’s heating and air conditioning systems, the jade plant does not need much preventative maintenance.


3. Mint


Mint is a great plant to keep on your desk for multiple reasons. Mint does not require a large amount of light, meaning it can do just fine in an office setting. It also emits a nice scent that can keep your desk smelling fresh and clean. You can use the leaves in tea or salad to add another level of flavor to your meal.


Unlike the previous two plants, mint does require a lot of moisture to survive. However, if the idea of constantly checking the soil and watering your plant seems daunting, there is another option. You can create a drip irrigation system using a plastic bottle that will constantly water the plant. It’s very easy to make and you will only have to refill the bottle once every few days instead of watering the plant every day.


Keeping a plant at your desk is a worthwhile investment. Whether you choose to have a plant with multiple uses, such as the aloe and mint, or the long-lasting jade plant, it will add a nice element to your work environment. Of course, all three of these plants do require some level of care — however, if you invest a small amount of time into these plants, they will grow and provide that extra bit of joy into your everyday job.


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