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3 Different Office Chairs Situations

A lot of thought goes into the layout of your business. The offices, reception area, lobby and conference room are set up to increase production and satisfaction of your employees. However, office chairs aren’t always high on the layout list. In today’s market, there are hundreds of options when it comes to chairs. Here are three distinctive situations where a different style of chair should be used.

  1. Conference Room: Conference rooms are used for company gatherings, board meetings and training. Because of this, there are usually a larger number of attendees in the room. When you are choosing chairs, it is important to keep this in mind. You don’t want to purchase bulky chairs that have many different functions. This will be distracting and require too much space. With large crowds, simplicity is the best route. Choose a simple mid-size back chair. The most common fabric for this is mesh. If there will be a lot of movements around the tables, opt for wheels. If the majority of the function is training and meetings, you can opt for no wheels.
  2. Employees/Cubicles: You want your employees to be relaxed throughout the day. Being comfy, will allow your employees to maintain focus on their work. It is also important to be ergonomically correct. To do this, there need to be adjustable functions. None of your employees are built exactly alike. You need to find chairs that have a high back; adjustable arm rests, height movements, flexibility and enough padding to support the weight. Go with chairs that have multiple colors to add a little style to your workplace.
  3. Guest Chairs: It is important to think of your guests while ordering chairs. Keeping them comfortable during waiting times or conversations makes for a positive experience. Many, choose to go with a leather material. However, if you have a lower budget, mesh is a good alternative. Having a sturdy base that does not move is ideal. There should also be padding on the arms and back.

Office chairs are a very important aspect to consider when determining your office space. For every area, there is a different chair style to consider. To learn more about office chairs and their ideal situations, contact us.


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