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3 Different Meeting Setups Using Conference Tables

Organizing your business notes, charts and discussion questions, is very important in order to have a successful corporate meeting or training session. Most people do not realize that the room layout is just as important. By using conference tables, you can create different environments that suit your meeting type. Here are three different possible setups.

1) Single Table: Using a single table for your meeting or training is ideal for smaller groups or one-on-one meetings. These are great for meetings that involve group discussions by allowing coworkers to interact face to face. This layout is also ideal for employee interviews. Since conference tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes, be sure to choose one that is big enough for note taking, but also gives space throughout the room.

2) U-Shape: By using multiple conference tables, you can set up a U-shape layout. These are very efficient for presentations by allowing the speaker to walk in the middle so all participants have a clear visual. This is also a great layout to assure everyone can hear you. The U in the middle also provides space for any audio or visual equipment.

3) Classroom: The classroom setting, is just what the name says. You can use multiple conference tables to create several isles and rows within the room. This layout is ideal for larger groups. Many companies use this layout for company parties, training sessions or open enrollment. The tables provide space for employees to look through training manuals and make notes.

Conference tables have more purpose than just a business meeting. With all the shapes and lengths, businesses can use the tables in many different environments. To get an idea of all your options, contact us.


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