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2012 Office Furniture Trends Roundup

As office furniture aficionados, we always find it interesting to review industry perspectives on past and future trends. With the year drawing to a close, this is a good time to look back at what other writers and researchers had to say about 2012. Here’s a peek at a few opinions from the last 9 months:

Cabinet Maker FDM

Apparently, darker wood tones like walnut are making a comeback as offices seek to establish an “earthy” feel. Government clients are looking for greener options as they feel the need to justify their spending habits to the public.

Business Interiors Water Cooler

Might 2012 move forward to the digital age or back to the age of the steam engine? This blogger said it would be a little of both. Office furniture will be increasingly high tech, but the aesthetic may be “Steampunk”. A bold prediction indeed!

BKM Office Works

This gorgeous “idea book” slideshow needs no captions. It’s simply designed to spark your imagination. You’ll recognize some of the trends including colors, designs, and materials. But some of the combinations may take you by surprise.


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