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10 Tips for Improving Your Office Environment & Boosting Productivity

woman at standing desk - cubicles office environments - san diego office furnitureIf you are determined to get the best out of your staff and create an office environment that is both happy and productive, it might be time to look at how you organize your space. Whether you have an open plan office or a smaller business, choice of furniture, including how it is positioned and how it helps your staff do their jobs more effectively, is very important.

Engage staff in their environment

Bringing your staff into discussions about their ideal working environment not only makes them feel appreciated but gives them a stake in any future changes to the office structure. It can also give you a valuable insight into what it is like to work in a particular place for a long period of time and uncover interesting options that you have not considered before.

Make the most of the room you have

Any successful business has to make the most of the room it has. There’s no doubt that in a cluttered office it is difficult for staff to stay motivated all the time. Have a look at the many space saving furniture options that are available on the market today and you’ll be surprised how much of your office floor can be freed up for other uses. Have a closer look too at how your desks are put together and whether changing the seating arrangements and the shape of tables can make your office a better, more productive, place.

Give employees their space

There’s an old saying that necessity is the mother of all invention but in many offices it has led to staff being pushed into cramped conditions. This happens particularly if a business is looking to expand but still has the same, limited, space to operate in. People like to work in a comfortable environment and don’t want to be packed together like sardines. Similarly, you don’t want your employees so far apart that they stop talking to each other.

Keep it clean

A clean office is a happy office. That doesn’t just mean that staff should keep their desks reasonably tidy, it means that you need to create an environment that is nice to work in. That involves having the floors cleaned on a regular basis and making sure there are no corners gathering dust. Walking into a clean office every morning is a call to action; walking into a dirty one may mean that your employees don’t care quite as much you hope.

Reorganize the office furniture

Most offices tend to add office furniture as they go along, finding space for a cubicle here or a desk there. It is a good idea on occasion to reorganize your space so that it all fits together a little better. A change like this is also good for you and your staff, promoting a sense of fresh starts and a bright new future.

Provide a great place to relax

If you have the space in your office, then it’s a great idea to have a place where employees and bosses can go to relax, have a coffee break or eat their lunch. Spending a few dollars on some comfortable breakout furniture is an investment in your staff and tells them you care about their health and well being. It’s also a great place to add a little personality that is set apart from your main office area where the hard yards are done.

Give staff the tools they need to do their job

We use a whole lot more technology in the office than we did a few years ago. Providing the right infrastructure is vitally important. That not only means having the right number of communications points, the hardware and software that staff are comfortable with using, and the processes in place that mean the business and its customers stay safe online, but also having the right furniture, the appropriate work stations and the storage space you need to operate effectively.

One of the things that generally constrains the installation of new furniture and the latest technology, as well as the employment of new staff, is the budget that you are working under. The truth though is that putting investment in the future and allowing your staff to work more productively can pay huge dividends over time.

Protect employee health

Work, of course, can be highly stressful. There are targets to achieve, worries over job security, those busy periods where there isn’t time to stop and think. Protecting the health and well being of employees is a major challenge for most businesses whatever their size. Good communications and suitable rewards go a long way to creating a sense of value among staff but so does having a comfortable and nice looking place to work.

Go green and save money

We are all a lot better at being green than we were ten years ago. Not only can it save money and cut down on carbon emissions but it can also make us feel better about ourselves. Adopting green technologies such as better performing hardware and reducing the impact on the environment by cutting down on consumables like printing costs all helps. Getting staff involved in the green revolution tells them you are a business worth working for and that you care about the world you live in.

Shop around for that office furniture

There are more suppliers of office furniture than ever before and picking the right one is vital if you want to run an effective office. It’s not just about the range on offer, it’s also about the personal service you receive. If you are spending a considerable amount of money over a period of time you want an organization that cares about your business and can even source the kind of furniture you need to make a difference.

There’s no doubt that a happier workplace is likely to be a more productive place and ensuring that your staff have everything they need to work effectively is an important part of running any office.


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